Script Debugger 6 Release Notes

I’m posting this in-progress document publicly as a bit of an experiment. Given that it has been several years since the release of Script Debugger 5, I hope that the appearance of this information will give people confidence that Script Debugger 6’s release is imminent.

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Chromecast Followup

Posted by on Feb 25 2016 | Personal

A follow up to my Powering Chromecast post After a bit of a rough start I have to report that the Chromecast is getting a lot of use. My daughter uses it almost daily to play vlogs and other content from YouTube, and the other social media she follows. Its less useful for me, but […]

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iPad Pro & Apple Pencil for the non-artist

Posted by on Feb 25 2016 | Apple, iOS, Personal

I have to say that I’m really liking the iPad Pro. Apart from times when I have to code and when I need Lightroom (Lightroom on the iPad is useless for the work I want to do), it is the machine I take with me in my backpack. I like to make rough sketches of […]

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Inspirational Software

Posted by on Jan 20 2016 | Apple

I’ve been building software since grade 9 in high school (~40 years), and I find it hard sometimes to get excited about new possibilities in software development. But some days I see something done so well that it makes me want to drop everything and start a new project that tries to match it. The […]

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