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Posted by on Jan 20 2016 | Apple

I’ve been building software since grade 9 in high school (~40 years), and I find it hard sometimes to get excited about new possibilities in software development. But some days I see something done so well that it makes me want to drop everything and start a new project that tries to match it. The […]

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RegEx Knife 2.0 Beta Testers Needed

Posted by on Jan 04 2016 | RegEx Knife

I am wrapping up development of the next version of my RegEx Knife Regular Expression development tool for iOS. The big news for this release is that the UI has changed (no more three-pane split views) and iPhones are finally supported in addition to iPads (the iPad Pro in particular). If you are interested in […]

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The iOS On-Screen Keyboard Is A Problem

Posted by on Dec 21 2015 | Affrus for iPad, iOS, RegEx Knife

I’ve been working on iOS versions of some of my development tools, and I have been struggling to figure out why touch UIs are so poor for this kind of application. A huge problem is that the bottom half of the screen is a dead zone due to the appearance of the on-screen keyboard. Anything […]

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Re: What if JavaScript had persistent globals?

Posted by on Dec 20 2015 | AppleScript, Personal

In a recent piece on his blog Dave Winer imagines what might have been had his ideas for persistent global variables in his Frontier development environment been copied into JavaScript. I find this a fascinating thought. It could have radically changed the way the local web app development evolved. For me, Frontier’s Object Database was […]

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