Posted by on Apr 03 2014 | Late Night Software

A GitHib year-at-a-glance inspired Cocoa (Mac) view.

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Robotron 2084

Posted by on Mar 20 2014 | Personal, SpriteKit

A project to implement the classic Robotron 2084 video game from the 1980s for the iPad. I spent a lot of time as a youth playing this game, along with another Williams classic: Stargate, in local arcades. We became so good that we could play for hours on a single quarter, despite the game being incredibly hard.

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TextKit – Line Numbers

Posted by on Oct 12 2013 | Apple, iOS

Sample code demonstrating one way of displaying line numbers in an iOS7 UITextView. This sample makes use of iOS7′s Text Kit classes and can accomodate texts with varying fonts from one paragraph to another.

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RegEx Knife

Posted by on Sep 11 2013 | iOS

I just realized that it has been almost a year since I have posted anything here. After such a long silence, I’m ready to show off some of my recent work. This is my first non-trivial iPad application, and I’m quite excited by what I have been able to achieve using Text Kit in iOS7. […]

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