Powering Chromecast

Posted by on Nov 30 2015 | Personal

We got a shiny new Google Chromecast yesterday. Physically, this is a beautifully designed device, save for one thing: its power source. The device is designed to hang off one of your TV’s HDMI ports, but you’ll soon discover that you need to provide power via a separate cable. The Chromecast box provides a wall […]

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MacBook Pro Retina Followup

Posted by on Nov 26 2015 | Apple

Looking back through my blog I found this post from 2012 describing my feelings about my new MacBook Pro Retina. This was the first of the MacBook Pro Retina machines and it represented some radical departures from the past at that time. I’m here to report that I’m still using this machine as my main […]

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When Open Does Not Return An Object Reference

Posted by on Oct 28 2015 | AppleScript

There is a long standing bug in Cocoa Scripting, the technology Apple provides to developers to help make their applications scriptable, where the Open, Move and Copy commands do not return a reference to the newly created or moved object. This makes scripting these applications difficult. I frequently get requests from Script Debugger customers for […]

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RegEx Knife 1.0.5 Released

Posted by on May 07 2015 | iOS, RegEx Knife

RegEx Knife version 1.0.5 is available in the App Store. This version fixes a crashing bug that occurs when working with Regular Expressions containing 10 or more capture groups.

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