RegEx Knife 1.0.4 Released

Posted by on Feb 12 2015 | iOS, RegEx Knife

RegEx Knife version 1.0.4 is available in the App Store. This version fixes bugs that escaped my notice when developing RegEx Knife 1.0.3.

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Script Debugger Pricing

I see Script Debugger as a tool that makes professional developers money by saving them a lot of time. Those that really need Script Debugger know it and would pay much more because of this simple equation. In fact, if I had more courage I would raise the price even further.

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OSAID Leaks Cause Crashes

Posted by on Dec 04 2014 | AppleScript, Cocoa, Late Night Software

As a followup to my Getting Yosemite AppleScript Progress Information post I would like to offer this PSA.

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Script Debugger’s 20th Anniversary

Development on Script Debugger 1.0 started in 1993. Version 1.0 was released in late 1994 and was introduced publicly at MacWorld in San Francisco in January 1995.

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