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iChat Theatre Sample Code

iChat Theatre Demo (1MB)

Leopard introduced something called iChat Theatre which allows applications to share content with other users via iChat. Apple’s Keynote is the poster child for this in that it allows you to show a presentation to another user via iChat.

Leopard provides an amazingly simply API for integrating this capability into a Cocoa application. My iChat Theatre Demo project shows how to integrate iChat Theatre into a Cocoa application by sharing an NSImageView.

To use the demo, do the following:

  1. launch the iChatDemo application
  2. in iChat, begin a Video Chat with another user
  3. click the + button in the bottom margin of the Video chat button, and select the Share a File option from the popup menu
  4. in the resulting Open File panel, select the iChatDemo application file

At this point, iChat should begin showing the images displayed by iChatDemo in its window

An alternate usage is to simply drag the iChatDemo application file’s icon into the Video iChat window, but this produces a subtly different presentation in iChat.

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