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SD4 Headling

Script Debugger 2.0.5 Update

Script Debugger 2.0.5 is a maintenance release that introduces a number of new features and addresses a series of issues that came to light following the release of Script Debugger 2.0.

2.0.4 Release Notes | 2.0.2/2.0.3 Release Notes | 2.0.1 Release Notes | Problems Updating?

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You'll need StuffIt Expander 5 or later to expand the archive.

You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the documentation
  System Requirements:

- PowerPC CPU and higher
- Mac OS 8.0 - 9.2.x
- 5 MB Free RAM (10MB recommended)
- 10 MB Disk Space
- Script Debugger 2.0 - 2.0.4


(NOTE: the update requires that Script Debugger 2.0, 2.0.1, 2.0.2, 2.0.3 or 2.0.4 already be installed on your system. This update will not operate with the demonstration or pre-release versions of Script Debugger 2.0)

- Expand the Script Debugger 2.0.5 Update archive
- Run the Script Debugger 2.0.5 Update application

2.0.5 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Script Debugger's internal handing of AppleEvents generated by scripts has been improved. This has the effect of dramatically improving the performance of scripts that send a lot of AppleEvents in quick succession.
  • Script Debugger now properly displays balloon help for the JavaScript Settings preferences panel.
  • The AppleScript Debugger no longer crashes compiling scripts containing block-style comments ( (* *) ) within line comments ( -- ).
  • It is now possible to paste multiple file paths using drag and drop.
  • Click handling involving tab characters in the script editor now works as it should in all cases.
  • Script Debugger 2.0 is once again compatible with the Script Debugger version of Danny Goodman's AppleGuide for AppleScript (available here - 89K)

2.0.4 Release Notes

New Features

  • Script Debugger's URL opening feature (Command-Clicking on URLs in a script) has been improved to support open file:/// URLs for local files in addition to ftp://, mailto:, and http:// URLs.
  • Script Debugger's URL opening feature is now attachable by adding an open location handler to the Attachments script. The following is an example attachment handler:

    on open location theURL
        display dialog "Opening:" & theURL
        continue open location theURL
    end open location

  • Script Debugger's Table Of Contents popup menu now supports markers, allowing you to identify important sections within your scripts. Markers are defined using specially formatted comments in the script's source:

    -->>Marker Text


    (* >>Marker Text *)

    Script Debugger's markers feature is fully compatible with that of Main Event Software's Scripter™, making it even easier for Scripter™ customers migrating to Script Debugger 2.0.
  • Script Debugger 2.0.4 removes a limitation present in previous versions which prevented the use of AppleScript's tell variable construct. For example, it is now possible to single step through the following code:

    set a to {1,"2",3,"4"}
    tell a
        item 1
    end tell

    NOTE: Because of this change, scripts saved with AppleScript debugging enabled by Script Debugger 2.0.4 are incompatible with previous versions of Script Debugger 2.0. If you need to use scripts created by Script Debugger 2.0.4 with previous Script Debugger releases, disable AppleScript Debugging before saving.

Bug Fixes

  • Script Debugger's external AppleScript debugging capability is now compatible with FaceSpan. This change makes it possible to debug AppleScript code within the FaceSpan environment.
  • Problems viewing the AppleWorks 5 dictionary have been resolved.
  • Script Debugger can now be used to edit scripts written in UserTalk (Frontier).
  • Script Debugger's AppleScript debugger now properly recognizes implicit run handlers in script objects. Note that scripts must be recompiled to enable this bug fix.
  • Script Debugger's handling of the Default Script template file has been improved. Script Debugger now properly creates new scripts in all cases. In addition, Script Debugger is smarter about window positioning and sizing when multiple scripts are created.
  • Script Debugger's error reporting when a script attempts to invoke a missing handler is more consistent with Apple Computer's Script Editor.
  • A number of changes have been made to improve stability.
  • Script Debugger now clears the data fork of compiled scripts and script applications when saving.

2.0.3 Release Notes

New Features

  • Palette windows now carry a title showing the name of the active palette.
  • You can now set the default size of new script windows using the new Set Default Window Size command in the Edit menu.
  • The behavior of the "Send Unhandled Events To Document" preferences setting has been changed. In past versions of Script Debugger, this setting controlled the handling of events directed at the Script Debugger application and events directed to specific script documents. In version 2.0.2, the preferences setting only affects events directed at the Script Debugger application. Unhandled events targeted at a specific document are always processed by the script. This makes invoking AE handlers in scripts much simpler and more reliable.
  • Script Debugger's Applet Shell Plug-In facility has been upgraded to version 1.1, allowing Applet Shell plug-ins to write to the data fork when building an applet or droplet. Script Debugger 2's Applet Shell Plug-in facility is described on our web site at http://www.latenightsw.com/sd2.0/developer.html.
  • Script Debugger's Table Of Contents menu and the Go To Next/Prev Handler commands now support JavaScript scripts. Late Night Software offers an OSA (Open Scripting Architecture) version of JavaScript for those who prefer JavaScript over AppleScript. Details are available on our web site at http://www.latenightsw.com/freeware/JavaScriptOSA/.

Bug Fixes

  • A cosmetic problem involving selection highlighting that occurred when activating Script Debugger windows with multiple split-panes has been resolved.

2.0.2 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • A bug in the Remove Comments script that caused the script to incorrectly remove -- style comments has been resolved.
  • The Table Of Contents menu now correctly handles the case where a "pipe" style identifier appears in a (* *) style comment block. In previous released, this kind of comment could prevent handlers declared following the comment from appearing in the Table Of Contents menu.
  • The Apple Event Log window no longer stops logging information when the log grows too large. Also, Apple Event logging has been improved to allow the Script Debugger User Interface to remain responsive even when a lot of logging activity is taking place.
  • Script Debugger now fully conforms to the Macintosh User Interface guidelines regarding the handling of mouse clicking and dragging of icons in window titles.
  • It is now possible to write attachment handlers for the Quit AppleEvent.
  • It is now possible to access text, word, line and character objects from window objects in Script Debugger's AppleEvent interface. For instance, get length of text of window "Apple Event Log" now works.
  • A problem in Script Debugger's AppleScript Debugger that caused coercion errors to occur when object specifiers were passed as parameters to handlers has been resolved.
  • A crashing bug that occurred when an if expression then return statement appeared outside a handler declaration (i.e. in a script's implicit Run handler) has been resolved.
  • Script Debugger no longer creates damaged applets when a save AppleEvent containing an as script application parameter is applied to a text or compiled script document.
  • A cosmetic problem that occurred when resizing windows to a smaller size with line wrapping enabled has been addressed.
  • The Dictionary Explorer is now more compatible with AppleWorks 6. The Explorer can now show the elements of the drawing area document property.
  • Variable viewer windows are no longer automatically closed when the variable's value becomes undefined.

2.0.1 Release Notes

New Features

  • It is now possible to Command-click on URLs in any Script Debugger text window to open a URL in your browser or email client.
  • A series of new text wrapping scripts have been added to the Editing Tools folder of the Scripts menu and Scripts palette. These new scripts are:

        Wrap In Handler
        Wrap In Script Object
        Wrap With Considering
        Wrap With Ignoring
        Wrap With If-Then
        Wrap With If-Then-Else
        Wrap With Repeat n Times
        Wrap With Repeat Until
        Wrap With Repeat While
        Wrap With i From ...
        Wrap With i In x

  • You can now use arrow keys to expand and collapse Suites in the Dictionary tab of dictionary windows and in the Scripting Additions dictionary window.
  • Script Debugger now operates the same way as Apple's Script Editor when you try to save a script containing a compilation error. Script Debugger now offers to save the script as a text document rather than displaying the compilation error and then forcing you to manually change the document type to Text using the Save As command.
  • It is now possible to copy the text of error messages displayed in the Script Error dialog box to the clipboard.
  • The restriction preventing the use of if expression then return statements with Script Debugger's AppleScript Debugger has been removed. There are now no restrictions on where return statements may appear in a script.

Bug Fixes

  • Script Debugger now ignores the window position of stationery pad documents, including the Default Script file. This makes it possible to use the Default Script file to define the default size of new script windows.
  • A problem that in some cases caused an error when double-clicking a clipping in the Clippings palette.
  • An improved error message is displayed when there is an error loading a library listed in the Libraries tab. Script Debugger now includes the name of the problematic library along with the error message.
  • The positioning of new dictionary windows is now adjusted to avoid overlapping with palette windows.
  • Scripts that modify the name of newly created folders following a make new folder AppleEvents now work correctly when executed from Script Debugger.
  • Modifications made to local variables through an AppleScript copy statement are now properly displayed in Script Debugger's variables browser.
  • The Install Script Debugger script in the FaceSpan Development folder of the Tools & Goodies folder has been rewritten to remove dependencies on Script Debugger 1.0's scripting additions.
  • There is a bug in Mac 9.0's Choose URL command when executed from Script Debugger 2.0 where the Choose URL command uses Script Debugger's icons instead of its own for some of the buttons presented. This problem was resolved by renumbering some of Script Debugger's icons to avoid the conflict.
  • Script Debugger now returns ID based object specifiers as the result of the Open Document AppleEvent. This allows scripts controlling Script Debugger to correctly access newly opened documents.
  • Some formatting problems in the Pretty Print feature of Script Debugger's Script Result, AppleEvent Log and Viewer windows have been resolved.
  • The minimum width of some palette windows has been increased to prevent the overlapping of controls when these windows are resized.
  • Sorting problems in the Applications palette window have been resolved.
  • The Remove Comments script has been improved to ignore leading and trailing white space in the selection.
  • The Deindent Selection script now properly handles lines containing only one tab or space character.
  • A crashing bug that occurred when opening dictionaries containing class definitions where the name of the is empty, such as the English Terminology file from the AppleScript SDK, has been fixed.


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