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Script Debugger 4.0.9 is a maintenance release that addresses a series of issues that came to light following the release of Script Debugger 4.0.

Script Debugger 4.0.9 Download

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Installation Instructions

  • Quit Script Debugger if it is already running.
  • Open the Script Debugger 4.0.9.dmg file by double-clicking it in the Finder.
  • Drag the Script Debugger 4.0 application to your Applications folder (or any other location on your hard disk) to copy it to your Macintosh.

Script Debugger 4.0.9 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed a bug where Script Debugger 4.0 hangs when it encounters the Script Debugger 4.5's Script Debugger 4.5.component in the ~/Library/Components folder.
  • Addressed an intermittent crashing bug when opening documents on Leopard systems.
  • Addressed a crashing bug that happens when a Find and Replace All operation replaces text at the end of a script and shortens the script in the process.

Script Debugger 4.0.8 Release Notes

Bug Fixs

  • Addressed a cosmetic problem displaying spaces when the Show Invisibles feature is enabled on Leopard (10.5) systems.
  • Addressed a problem where the sorting of items in the Table Of Contents menu was incorrect if the "Sort menu" option in the Editor preferences panel is unchecked.
  • It is now possible to select the Finder application (from the /System/Library/CoreServices) folder when opening dictionaries and adding items to the Known Applications inspector.
  • Script Debugger no longer crashes if the Monaco font is missing or disabled.
  • Addressed a problem where incorrect error positions were reported in some instances.
  • Addressed a problem that prevented the customization of script window toolbars when running on Leopard.
  • Addressed a series of problems that caused NSLock and NSConditionLock related diagnostic messages to appear in the Console log on Leopard systems.
  • Revised the descriptions of AppleScript's built-in data types appearing in Dictionary windows.
  • Addressed a problem where saving a compiled script as a Carbon applet would produce a broken Classic applet on Leopard systems.
  • Addressed a problem that caused Script Debugger to fail when saving scripts as bundled applications on Leopard.
  • The Parent Script toolbar item's popup menu now properly updates as other script documents are opened and closed.
  • The AppleScript Studio entry in the Applications inspector now shows the same icon as the AppleScript Studio entry in the Default Target submenu within the Script menu.
  • Addressed a problem with external debugging support where parameters passed to event handlers were not handled properly on Intel machines.
  • Addressed a problem where dragging text ahead of a compile/run-time error to a position below the error would cause a Cocoa exception to be reported.
  • Corrected a regression introduced in Script Debugger 4.0.6 that caused the relevance ranking of dictionary search results to be incorrect.

Script Debugger 4.0.7 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved a problem introduced in the Script Debugger 4.0.6 update that caused the Dictionary search capability to stop working.

Script Debugger 4.0.6 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Improved the online documentation concerning the saving of event log settings with script documents.
  • Improved the online documentation for debugging Folder Actions handlers.
  • Subversion .svn directories (and other custom directories located outside the Contents/Resources directory) are now properly preserved when saving bundled compiled scripts and bundled script applications.
  • The CFBundleIdnetifier and CFBundleShortVersionString property list keys are now preserved when saving bundled compiled scripts and bundled script applications.
  • The CFBundleName property list key no longer includes a random number when exporting run-only bundled applications.
  • Modified Script Debugger's software registration logic to allow for installations in labs where multiple machines share a common startup (server) disk. Contact if you require this capability.
  • Integrated FaceSpan 5 code that supports the <class-extension> and <contents> sdef elements. This makes dictionary presentation more faithful to the application developer's intentions.
  • Script Debugger no longer misrecognizes properties in the Multi-Ad Creator application object as synonyms.
  • Resolved a crash that occurred when opening scripts with global variables/properties containing references to missing applications.
  • Resolved an extremely intermittent bug causing Script Debugger to crash when reporting run-time errors or following a Check Syntax operation.
  • Resolved a problem where JavaScript OSA property names were not displayed properly in the Variables browser.
  • Resolved a problem that prevented the execution of JavaScript OSA code that uses 'const' variable declarations.
  • Script Debugger can once again open dictionary of Resource file based applications such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word on Intel Macintoshes.
  • Resolved Cocoa exceptions arising from bugs in Script Debugger's Table of Contents parser.
  • Script Debugger now preserves user created Info.plist files stored within the script bundles.
  • Resolved a crashing bug that arose when opening scripts with variables containing object specifiers referring to objects within applications that cannot be found on disk.
  • Script Debugger can now open text scripts incorrectly tagged as compiled scripts by the script file's HFS file type.
  • Resolved a problem where the variable name 'errMsg' is not displayed by the debugger in 'on error' handlers when the variable name 'errNum' is also used.

Script Debugger 4.0.5 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Problems compiling handle CGI request handlers with AppleScript debugging enabled have been resolved.
  • memSCErr (-116) errors when saving scripts with reference to resource-fork library scripts have been resolved.
  • When using the Paste Tell command with BBEdit, Script Debugger now correctly names the BBEdit application.
  • Corrected a problem selecting certain PostScript fonts in the AppleScript Formatting preferences panel.
  • errAECoercionFail (-1700) errors when opening scripts saved with debugging enabled on a different CPU architecture have been resolved.
  • A problem where droplets loose their icon has been resolved.
  • The discussion of sdef caching in the on-line documentation has been expanded.
  • Problems opening Carbon (resource-fork) applets and droplets with custom creator codes have been resolved.

Script Debugger 4.0.4 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Script Debugger no longer reports XML errors when asked to open a plain text script file.
  • Script Debugger no longer presents a double error alert when asked to open a non-scriptable application.
  • Resolved a crashing bug that occurred when saving applets or droplets on Intel Macintoshes.
  • Resolved a number of user Interface issues surrounding the Break on Exception feature.
  • The columns in the Tell Context inspector are once again resizable.
  • Resolved crashing problems when using Script Debugger's external debugging capabilities.
  • Resolved a crashing problem that occurred on some systems when adding Libraries to a script.
  • The Spotlight search plug-in has been restored. It was incorrectly installed in the 4.0.3 update.
  • On launch, the Known Applications inspector no longer lists applications that have been moved to the trash.
  • Resolved a crashing bug that occurred when Script Debugger was asked to run code such as: 'item 0 of {1,2,3}'.
  • The dictionary search logic has been improved to only return parameters when event or command searching is enabled.
  • Resolved problems compiling 'handle CGI request' handlers when AppleScript debugging is enabled.
  • Resolved a crash that occurred when displaying the Microsoft Word X dictionary.

Script Debugger 4.0.3 Release Notes

New Features

  • Script Debugger now runs natively on Intel Macintoshes.
  • Clippings can now reference the values of Unix environment variables.
  • You can establish a default size, position, and state for Viewer windows.
  • Script Debugger now warns you if you have non-Intel scripting additions installed on an Intel Macintosh.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved a crash when compiling scripts with broken library aliases.
  • The Export Run-Only command no longer fails when bundles contain InDesign documents.
  • The 'path to me as string' command now includes a trailing ':' character for script bundles to match AppleScript.
  • Turned off 'smart copy and paste' to avoid extra spaces when pasting text into script windows.
  • The Enter Search String command no longer generates an error when used in the Event Log window.
  • The Hide/Show Extension setting in the Export Run-Only panel is now reflected in the generated file.
  • The Dictionary explorer no longer issues errAECantSupplyType errors when viewing certain properties in the BBEdit dictionary.
  • Reduced the initial delay when displaying the Preferences window for the first time.
  • Keyboard focus is now correctly established after issuing the Show Result in Viewer command.
  • Script Debugger no longer issues an error when saving a script bundle as a compiled script (Carbon or Classic).
  • Script Debugger now allows the .txt filename extension when saving scripts as text.
  • The Paste Tell clipping now matches the syntax examples shown in the Dictionary window.
  • Improvements to the 'aete' to sdef conversion, including no longer display 'list of list' type for BBEdit dimensions property, improved enumeration name generation in Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, and no longer detect record-types.
  • Issues with the Event History popup menu in the Execute toolbar button have been resolved.
  • The clippings processor has been improved to better handle selection when inserting Paste Tell clippings.
  • When the focus is on the browser at the top of a dictionary window, the Find dialog now operates on the dictionary description text.
  • The Show Definition contextual menu command now works when the selection is an element collection in an explorer.
  • Resolved a memory leak that caused Script Debugger's memory partition to steadily grow when scripts ran for an extended period of time.
  • Script Debugger no longer signals an error when assigning a non-RGB color in the AppleScript Formatting preferences panel.

Script Debugger 4.0.2 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • A problem that caused Script Debugger to display an empty document in response to low-level errors opening a script has been resolved. Script Debugger now reports the error and offers to attempt source recovery.
  • Script Debugger once again attempts to auto-recover scripts that cannot be opened because they contain aliases to missing volumes.
  • Script Debugger can now open scripts with a '????' HFS creator code.
  • A crashing bug that occurred when the Event Log window was open and a script receives a null-descriptor result from an application has been corrected.
  • A crashing bug that occurred when selecting more than one suite in a dictionary window has been corrected.
  • A crashing bug that occurred when selecting elements by name or by ID using a sheet in the Tell Context inspector has been corrected.
  • Fixed a regression in the Script Debugger 4.0.1 release that caused Script Debugger to report incorrect compilation error positions when AppleScript Debugging is enabled.
  • Added code to work around a script size limitation in AppleScript. When Script Debugger detects AppleScript's failure to generated source code for a script, it falls back to removing all text style information.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented Script Debugger opening certain scripting addition dictionaries.
  • Fixed a series of problems in the way clippings were processed that could cause incorrect indentation.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented Script Debugger from saving scripts as text documents in some instances.
  • It is once again possible to save JavaScript scripts with a .js filename extension.
  • It is now possible to change the insertion point and result text colors.
  • Reloading a modified dictionary clears the dictionary window's search results.
  • Corrected a problem where Script Debugger would report error -29298 when the last statement of a script tells the Keynote application to 'stop slideshow'.
  • A crashing problem that occurred when changing AppleScript Formatting preferences has been corrected.
  • Fixed a series of issues that could prevent Script Debugger from successfully exporting a Run-Only script in some instances.

Script Debugger 4.0.1 Release Notes

New Features

  • Script Debugger can now invoke the re-open handler from the Event History menu.
  • Script Debugger can now invoke Folder Actions handlers from the Event History menu.
  • Script Debugger can now invoke Digital Hub handlers from the Event History menu.
  • When saving an applet containing an open handler, Script Debugger warns you if you have not also enabled the Stay Open applet option.
  • The Action menu in the Clippings inspector now has an Open command allowing you to quickly edit the contents of a clipping.
  • Buttons for the Shift Left, Shift Right, Comment, Uncomment, Entab and Detab commands have been added to the Script window's Toolbar palette.

Bug Fixes

  • A number of stability problems have been resolved.
  • Improved support for Japanese users.
  • Resolved a crashing bug exploring Address Book's properties property.
  • Resolved an intermittent crashing problem that happened when closing a script window with unsaved changes.
  • Resolved an intermittent problem where the content of scripts could be lost following a save.
  • Script Debugger now correctly recognizes running scriptable applications.
  • Script Debugger can now open the Now Up-To-Date 5 dictionary.
  • The Export Run-Only and Export Flattened commands now remember the last directory used.
  • Resolved a problem where Script Debugger hangs for 120 seconds when an AppleScript variable contains an alias referencing a missing AppleShare volume.
  • Script Debugger now remembers the path style (Alias, HFS, POSIX or Finder) when dropping files into the script editor window.
  • The Apple Event Log window's Logging options are now also available in the View menu.
  • The description displayed for classes in Dictionary windows now draws a distinction between events and commands supported by the class.
  • Script Debugger now retains an existing HFS creator type when saving bundled Applets.
  • Resolved a problem where garbled text can appear in dictionary windows when certain Mac OS X fonts are disabled.
  • Resolved a problem where clippings placed within sub-folders of the ~/Library/Application Support/Clippings folder could not be selected from the Clippings menu.
  • Added new Toolbar buttons for the Shift Left, Shift Right, Comment, Uncomment, Entab and Detab commands.
  • Script Debugger is less likely to launch applications when items are dragged from the Applications inspector.
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