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Script Debugger’s prowess extends beyond exploring, editing, running and debugging scripts. It even makes the final step—deploying—faster and easier. Whether the scripts developed are for one-time use, mission-critical workflow tools or commercial products, Script Debugger provides everything required to successfully write scripts. Use it to develop applets and droplets or scripts designed to run only within another application, secure in the knowledge that every dependency is known and everything works as expected.

Event History

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All the debugging tools available when running a script in Script Debugger are available when developing these sorts of scripts. It keeps the breakpoints intact, even when scripts are compiled as applications. Script Debugger will open when the applet runs and will pause at wherever the beginning is (the open handler, for example). This functionality extends to AppleScript Address Book plugins and Digital Hub handlers. For scripts that only work ‘inside’ a particular application, Script Debugger allows omitting the ‘tell’ for that application with ‘Default Target’.

ManifestEasy Real-World Testing

Using Script Debugger, it’s possible to test Apple Event handlers—every Apple Event handler appears and can be selected and therefore, executed. Even handlers that are difficult to trigger in conventional use, such as error handling events (say the script needs to abort if more than 100 items are being operated on), idle events, or open events. In fact, Script Debugger permits a script to emulate an applet, so it’s easy to test droplets (such as a script that performs operations on files dropped on it in the Finder).

Finally, Script Debugger lets you deliver the most effective scripts possible. By cataloging which Scripting Additions and Applications are required for the script to function, Script Debugger makes it easy to include those dependencies or at least warn other users of them. This Manifest lists every function and command used in the script and which Applications and Scripting Additions contain them. Script Debugger provides a method for reusing common code elements with the Library. Store frequently used handlers in them. When the code in the library is changed, every script that uses that library will be updated automatically. Script Debugger even protects against inadvertently saving the sole copy of a script as run only (these can never be edited) by limiting run-only to an export menu rather than as an option in save.

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