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SD4 Headling

Introducing 'My Script Debugger Story'

When Script Debugger made its first foray into the Mac community, many users emailed to let us know the dramatic improvement it made to their working lives. We were curious to know what our users were accomplishing with Script Debugger, so we asked them.

We are pleased to present the first two installments of 'My Script Debugger Story', featuring:

Phillip Brackett, the lucky winner of a copy of Script Debugger during the AppleScript Pro Sessions. After applying Script Debugger to his work life, he soon discovered a multitude of other uses in his personal life.

David Glass who learned about AppleScript during a job interview when he was handed a manual and asked to write a script.

Feel inspired to share your Script Debugger experience? Contact us and we'll gladly tell your SD story.

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