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Affrus 1.0

Affrus 1.0 is an integrated Perl editing and debugging environment for Mac OS X that wraps Perl in a standard, familiar, and intuitive user interface. It's the perfect center for all your Perl development needs on Mac OS X. Whether you're just beginning to experiment with Perl and want an easy way to get your feet wet, or you're a Perl expert wishing to understand and hack into a vast body of existing code, Affrus is for you.

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The Affrus editor is tailored to the Perl language. It provides syntax coloring, identifier indexing, and a host of other editing tools to make Perl development faster. Affrus integrates with Bare Bones Software's BBEdit and TextWranger for those who prefer to edit in these tools.


Affrus presents a full-featured graphical debugger tuned to the needs of Perl programmers. The debugger features step-wise execution, breakpoints, tracing, and expression evaluation as well as stack frame tracing with full access to locally scoped (my) variables. The debugger also displays all Perl registers and variables from any Package.

Command Line Integration

Affrus provides a command line tool that allows all of Affrus's debugging capabilities to be invoked from Mac OS X's command line. For instance, you can pipe stdin to the command line tool to debug with live data.

Affrus 1.0 retails for US$99 for electronic download.
Attention Script Debugger Owners: Buy Affrus at a 15% discount. Email us for all the details.

Single window editing/debugging UI design
Find and replace
Drag and drop
Split-pane editing
Unlimited undo/redo
Table Of Contents popup menu
Contextual Perl navigation menu
locate handler/variable declarations
lists in-scope variables
display perldoc documentation for Perl commands and modules
Check syntax with graphical error display
View and change breakpoints as you edit
Use BBEdit or TextWranger as an external text editor
Run with one of a number of command line argument sets
Pass files to @ARGV by dragging files from the Finder
Debug new unsaved scripts and scripts with unsaved changes
Optional line number display
Optional line wrapping
Optional Perl syntax highlighting
Bracket, brace and structure balancing
Shift selection right/left
Comment/uncomment selection
Tooltips showing expression values while debugging
Current line and subroutine indicator
Scripts palette provides access to a range of Perl boilerplate code
Integration with Perltidy (perltidy.sourceforge.net)
Variable declaration highlighting
Multiple clipboards and Clipboards palette window
Environment variable definition
Supports multiple Perl configurations
Single-step execution
Step into and step out of handlers
Trace execution
Call stack display
Display local variables
Automatic display of all variables in scope
Breakpoints window
Expressions window
Variable change highlighting
Circular reference detection
Variable values can be edited when debugging
Debug scripts run from the Unix shell
stdout/stderr console display
Perl package display
Displays all Perl special variables
Displays variable and value memory location
Displays value class names
Variable/value change highlighting

Affrus Command Line Tool
Unix shell integration
stdin redirection
Environment variable redirection

Dock Integration
Displays state (running, paused) in Affrus Dock icon
Can control script execution from Affrus Dock menu

Scriptable through a fully object oriented scripting interface
Expandable Scripts menu and palette

Pricing and Availability

Affrus 1.0 is now available. It retails for US$99 for electronic delivery, and US$109 (plus shipping) on CD-ROM.


Technical support (by either telephone or the Internet) is free. We will periodically release incremental updates at no charge that will be available only to registered users. Affrus 1.0 comes with a 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.

Macintosh System Requirements

Affrus 1.0 for the Macintosh requires the following software and hardware:

  • Any Power Macintosh -- G4 or G5 Processor recommended
  • 15MB hard disk space
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Mac OS X 10.2 or later
  • Perl 5.6 or Perl 5.8


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