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Affrus 1.0.6 Update

Download & Installation

To apply the Affrus 1.0.6 Update:

  1. Download the Affrus 1.0.6 Update.

    Affrus 1.0.6 Update (4.0 MB disk image)

    The update package contains the Affrus 1.0.6 application that can be used to replace any full version of Affrus 1.0. It also contains an updated version of the Affrus command line tool.
  2. Quit Affrus and the Apple Help Viewer if they are running.
  3. Drag the Affrus application from the 1.0.6 Update disk image to the folder containing your current copy of Affrus.

Release Notes

The Affrus 1.0.6 Update contains the following changes:

  • Addresses a Perl crash that happens when scripts complete executing normally on Intel Macintoshes .

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