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What Customers are Saying About Affrus

"I'll never know how much more difficult it would have been to write my first non-trivial Perl program without Affrus, but I do know that in 15 years of professional software development (C++, Pascal, assembly, various scripting languages; Mac OS, UNIX, Windows; drivers, applications, and operating systems) I've never had such a smooth experience learning a programming language."

–Pete Gontier
"Affrus met my expectations pretty much instantly, and as soon as my demo copy expired, I knew that I had to get the paid version. I've loved
developing for OS X since it came out, and Affrus was the missing link in my Perl development."

–Jason Specland
"I purchased Affrus in the hope that it would make learning Perl easier. I had been slogging through some of the O'Reilly titles, using vim to
write code, and executing the scripts at the command line. I really wanted an IDE, with a GUI. I had purchased Script Debugger a month or
so earlier, and quickly grew to respect it, so I figured $99 for Affrus was a pretty good gamble.

So far, I'm in love."

–Adam Wuellner
"Affrus has made my perl programming/debugging much easier. I like its interface and love the AppleScript integration. I really
enjoy working in a program that is made for OS X and not some java cross-platform wanna be. Affrus is one of those great OS X apps that
makes me so happy I own a Mac and OS X."

–Gary Lubben
"I love Affrus. The arguments feature has been particularly valuable for my work in cgi. I also like the ability to do multi-line commenting, stepping into sub-routines and checking variable values at certain points of execution.

Keep building this great application. I just used it today to write a perl cron script."

–Brad Rice
"Affrus is just outstanding! It exceeds my expectations, primarily because it brings the level of ease-of-use to Perl that had previously been available only in IDE's like CodeWarrior and Script Debugger.

I forwarded information on Affrus to several of my co-workers, asking if they had ever seen anything like it in their Unix and Win worlds. The silence was deafening. I think they were somewhat chagrined that they've debugged Perl for years and never had such an awesome tool."

–Bruce Lawton
"As an IDE, Affrus is great. As a syntax-aware editor, it's outstanding. Affrus looks good and is very stable -- no crashes at all . . . Thank you LNS!

–Stewart I. Alpert
"Affrus is just what we had been waiting for, a powerful Perl development tool wrapped in a beautiful Macintosh user interface. Now I wonder how we ever got along without it."

–Dean Blackketter
Affrus is brilliant! It rates alongside the iPod in terms of 'doing what it says on the tin'. Whilst I'm relatively new to Perl, I've been
programming for 20 years, and if similarly simple, yet functional, IDEs where available for other languages for the same price.... I'd buy those too.

Bloody well done!

–Simon Copsey
Affrus has met every one of my expectations and then some. Keep up the good work!

–Willard T. Cook
Thank you for Affrus. I can't tell you how much time it has saved me in learning Perl and producing my first commercial Perl application for a customer at the same time.

No way I could have done it without it.

–Stephen Steiner
Thank you for an excellent product.

I develop large web applications in Perl. While I deploy on FreeBSD, I develop on OS X. I heard about Affrus from Studio Log, and thought it might be handy; after a day of evaluation I was sold. Since then I've been using Affrus in some capacity every day, generally as a debugging tool, and it has saved me a vast amount of energy.

–Jeffrey Radcliffe


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